Its Time to Legalize Marijuana in New Hampshire

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It is long overdue that New Hampshire end its harmful and costly war on marijuana.

Our state's continued enforcement of marijuana prohibition wastes valuable state resources and has life-changing negative consequences for those targeted for enforcement. Sold to Granite Staters in the name of public safety, New Hampshire's marijuana laws needlessly ensnare over a thousand people – disproportionately Black people – in its criminal justice system every year.

Arrests are not only a burden on our state's residents and judicial system but have lasting negative effects on a person's access to employment, housing, child custody, and more.

Our state's war on marijuana is a monumental waste of tax dollars (at a likely $2.6 million per year to enforce possession laws) and is enforced with a staggering racial bias. In 2020 Black people were 4.8 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession when compared with white people, despite similar usage rates.

The vast majority of Granite Staters – 71% – support marijuana legalization. It's past time for New Hampshire lawmakers to support the will of the people they represent and legalize marijuana possession by adults.

An amendment to SB 98 (previously unrelated to marijuana), would add in the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults over 21 and create a regulated market.

There's no time to wait – tell your state senator, state representative, and Governor Sununu to support the amendment to SB 98 and end New Hampshire's war on marijuana.

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As your constituent, I urge you to support the amendment to SB 98, which would legalize the possession and use of marijuana for adults in New Hampshire.

Please support the amendment to SB 98 and make 2023 the year New Hampshire legalizes marijuana.


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