Governor Sununu: Veto NH's gerrymandered map

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Voters should pick their politicians – politicians shouldn't pick their voters. But here in New Hampshire, politicians are doing just that.

Yesterday, Governor Sununu signed into law gerrymandered, unfair maps for State Senate and Executive Council – in addition to the gerrymandered State House maps he already signed. That means that for the next ten years, Granite Staters could be voting from districts drawn specifically to cheat the system and give the majority party (Republican) a vast advantage in our federal and state elections.

There is one map left, and it’s for our congressional districts. The current proposed map is gerrymandered, so take action today and tell Governor Sununu to veto it.

The electoral process is the foundation of our democracy, and that democracy loses when we allow politicians to cheat the system.

There's no time to wait: Urge Governor Sununu to veto these maps and advocate for fair one that represent all Granite Staters.

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As your constituent, I urge you to veto the proposed congressional map. If this map were to be signed into law, it would significantly erode the foundation of our democracy and only represent a portion of all Granite Staters.

I ask you, Governor, to defend the will of the people and veto these maps.


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