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The time to protect trans rights in New Hampshire is now: on February 1, the New Hampshire House of Representatives is revisiting a dangerous bill that they passed just a few weeks ago.

The bill, HB 396, is an attack on the rights of transgender Granite Staters. It would encourage the exclusion of transgender people in schools, sports teams, safer carceral housing placements, and other spaces – which would violate the rights of transgender Granite Staters under state and federal law as well as create an avenue to increase discrimination and harassment they already face.

There's no time to wait: Tell your state representative to oppose HB 396 when they vote on February 1.

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As your constituent, I urge you to protect LGBTQ rights by opposing HB 396 when it is up for reconsideration during the February 1 session day.

HB 396 would be devastating to the lives of many Granite Staters – and I urge you to oppose it.


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