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Tell your NH rep: support abortion rights this year

The New Hampshire House of Representatives is currently discussing a number of bills related to abortion rights – including one that would ban all abortion in the Granite State at just 15 days.

The House will soon vote on HB 1248, the 15-day ban, and HB 1541, a bill that would insert the government into abortion care and take decisions and trust away from doctors providing that care.

However, they'll also be voting on a bill, CACR 23, that would put abortion rights into the hands of voters and possibly establish the right to an abortion into the state constitution. These proposed constitutional amendments, which differ slightly from one another, would both ensure the fundamental right to abortion in the Granite State.

The vast majority of Granite Staters support safe, legal abortion. Now is the time for our lawmakers to listen and to draw a line in the sand and make clear that we should be able to seek abortion care without shame, stigma, or unnecessary obstacles.

There’s no time to wait: tell your state rep to OPPOSE HB 1248 and HB 1541, and to SUPPORT CACR 23.

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NH - Abortion Rights Bills
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As your constituent, I urge you to oppose HB 1248 and HB 1541, two bills that aim to dismantle abortion rights in New Hampshire. I also urge you to support CACR 23, which would put a proposed constitutional amendment to the voters to protect abortion rights in our state constitution.

Thank you, and please stand up for abortion rights this legislative session by opposing HB 1248 and HB 1541 and supporting CACR 23.


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