Urge state senators to stop a massive, misguided new prison.

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Nebraska's overcrowded, understaffed prison system has some of the nation's worst racial disparities. Our state senators have the power to remedy this continuing crisis by investing in people and smart justice programs, not a new prison. Doubling down on the status quo of mass incarceration and racial injustice is fiscally and morally reckless.

State senators need to hear from Nebraskans who believe in the power of reform.

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I am a constituent, and I am writing to ask you to meet our prison challenges with smart justice reform - not a massive new prison.

Please put Nebraskans first and make the right choice for our state by not approving funding for a new prison or setting aside funds for future prison construction. It's time to turn away from mass incarceration, racial injustice, and a never-ending taxpayer burden. It's time to chart a new course that has worked in our sister states and improved outcomes for all.


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