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Nebraskans should be able to access abortion care when they need it with the support of the medical providers they trust. But today, patients in need of abortions face significant barriers and anti-choice politicians are considering efforts to push care entirely out of reach. These barriers hurt rural Nebraskans, Nebraskans of color, low-income Nebraskans, and young Nebraskans the most. Senators need to trust Nebraskans, not restrict their freedom to make personal decisions for their families.

We need every Nebraskan who believes in freedom, equity, and reproductive justice to call on state senators to expand access to care, not limit it.

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As a constituent, I am writing to ask you to respect Nebraskans' reproductive rights this session by supporting legislation that would remove unnecessary restrictions to abortion care and rejecting any further limits to push access to care out of reach.

I hope you will defend Nebraskans' right to access the care they need and respect their rights to make the decisions that are best for them and their families without government interference.


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