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Despite serious issues like our state's workforce shortage, affordable childcare, education funding, and health care, our legislators spent an extraordinary amount of time debating the individual rights and liberties of our transgender friends and neighbors.

Ignoring the warnings of families, advocates, health care providers, and transgender North Dakotans themselves, legislators passed, and Governor Doug Burgum signed into law House Bill 1254, legislation that bans gender-affirming health care for transgender youth.

I'll be honest with you. We worked hard to defeat this bill. But this was a coordinated, hate-driven campaign to push trans people out of public life, and we're still disappointed in the outcome. We know you are, too.

Still, when it comes to advocating for trans rights in our state, there are a few legislators who should be recognized for their work and for standing up for trans North Dakotans. In today's politically charged environment, it's critical that these legislators know they have their constituents' support.

Will you send a note of thanks to these elected leaders?

With your continued support – and theirs – we'll fight as hard as it takes and as long as it takes to protect everyone's fundamental freedoms.

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As you know, North Dakota legislators advanced and Governor Doug Burgum signed into law a record number of bills that attacked our transgender friends and neighbors this year.

This was a coordinated, hate-driven campaign to push trans people out of public life, and I'm still disappointed in the outcome. I know you are, too.

As we continue the fight for trans rights in North Dakota, thank you for your work and support. Keep it up!


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