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Montana lawmakers will not leave transgender people alone.

This time, a bill introduced by Sen. Carl Glimm is trying to make it harder for trans Montanans to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate.

SB 280 would require trans people to prove that they’ve had gender affirming surgery and go through a court process before they can obtain a birth certificate that accurately reflects their identity.

Accurate birth certificates are essential. They are foundational to our ability to access a variety of benefits such as employment and housing and to navigate the world freely and safely. But if passed, SB 280 would mean that many transgender people could not obtain an accurate birth certificate that reflects their reality and that they would be forced to disclose their trans identity when seeking essential needs.

This bill would force many trans Montanans to go through life with inaccurate birth certificates – a basic form of identification and essential government document – is an attempt to erase trans identity and exposes transgender people to discrimination, harassment, and violence.

This onslaught of anti-trans bills is discrimination by design. It must stop.

Send a message to your lawmaker. Ask them to stop attacking trans people and instead focus on issues that really matter to our state.

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Stop Attacking Transgender Montanans
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I’m writing to you today about SB 280, legislation that would make it harder for trans Montanans to correct the gender marker on their birth certificate.

All people have a right to live freely and openly in society as who they are, without fear of discrimination. Trans people belong everywhere. It’s time to stop these attacks on transgender people and focus on issues that really matter to the people of our state. Please vote no on SB 280.


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