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Laws that harm immigrants, put our communities at risk, and impose draconian fines on cities and towns that decide not to devote resources toward immigration enforcement do not belong in Montana.

HB 200 and HB 223 ask local police to play the role of federal immigration officers and make it illegal for localities to establish policies that would prohibit spending local resources to help ICE detain and deport people.

HB 223 is especially dangerous because it not only asks, but compels local law enforcement to play the part of federal immigration agents.

We still have a chance to kill this bill that would be so harmful to our communities.

Ask our list of target Senators to vote no on HB 223!

When local police are tasked with enforcing federal immigration law, our communities become less safe. It opens the door to increased racial profiling by local law enforcement, and makes people scared to report crime. Nobody wins.

Immigrants are woven into the fabric of Montana. Their experiences and contributions strengthen and diversify our towns and cities. Immigrants should be afforded the same civil liberties that are afforded to other Montanans, and not be forced to live in fear.

Take action against HB 223.

It’s bad for our communities, bad for local law enforcement, and bad for Montana.

Message Recipients:
Senate Majority Leader Mark Blasdel
Senator Duane Ankney
Senator Terry Gauthier
Senator Bruce Gillespie
Senator Doug Kary
Senator Daniel Salomon
Senator Jason Small
Senator Jeff Welborn
Senator Chris Friedel
Senator Walt Sales
Senator John Fitzpatrick

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I am writing to ask you to vote against HB 223.

HB 223 not only asks, but forces local law enforcement to take on the role of federal immigration officials.

By authorizing local police to enforce federal immigration detainers this bill:
• exposes our cities and towns to liability and costly lawsuits,
• opens the door to profiling and civil rights violations,
• makes Montanans less safe by diverting scarce resources and eroding trust between communities and law enforcement.

Requiring local police officers to incarcerate people on the basis of unreliable federal immigration detainers that have swept up thousands of U.S. citizens in the past 18 years alone doesn’t make any sense.

This bill would divert local resources, open the door for profiling and civil rights violations, and erode trust in ways that make our communities less safe.

Asking our police to do the work of federal immigration agents threatens the civil rights and safety of us and our neighbors. Please don’t force our cities and our police into such a compromising position.

HB 223 is bad for local communities, bad for local law enforcement, and bad for Montana. Please vote no on these bills.


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