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Montana lawmakers are considering a bill that would restart executions in Montana with fewer safeguards for how they're carried out.

For the record, the ACLU believes that that the death penalty is cruel and unusual and should be abolished. Regardless of your stance on the death penalty, this bill is the wrong thing to do. Scrambling for new modes for the state to kill people won't make our state more just or safer.

Tell these target lawmakers to vote 'NO' on HB 244.

HB 244 would resume executions through lethal injection by changing the legal description of the drug it uses in the procedure.

The bill is too broad, too ambiguous, and does nothing to prevent cruel and inhumane executions. This bill would make the death penalty crueler and longer, and its complete lack of restrictions would guarantee a years-long lawsuit at taxpayers' expense.

Act today! Ask lawmakers to reject this cruel and costly political stunt by voting 'no' on HB 244.

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Senator Dan Salomon
Senator Brad Molnar
Senator Brian Hoven
Senator Walt Sales
Senator Jason Small
Senator Jeff Welborn
Senator Terry Gauthier
Senator Greg Hertz

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Please vote ‘NO’ on HB 244. This bill will not make our communities safer and will not make Montana more just.

Regardless of your stance on the death penalty, I ask that you do not support this bill.

First, HB 244 will make the death penalty process crueler and longer, without any assurance that an execution would be painless. It’s simply not the right thing to do.

Second, the incredibly broad bill language guarantees hundreds of thousands more taxpayer dollars dumped into defending a poorly-written policy.

Please vote NO’ on HB 244. We don’t need a law that makes executions less humane and we can’t afford it.


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