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A decision about having a baby or having an abortion is a deeply personal, private decision that is best left to a pregnant person and their doctor. Yet, Republican lawmakers in Montana are obsessed with interfering.

Politicians are not medical experts, and they have no business interfering. Nearly 20 anti-abortion bills have been filed this session, and some House bills have already moved to the Senate: Republicans are moving these bills forward at breakneck speed without concern for whether they benefit Montanans.

The broad array of measures – from attempts to limit access to medication abortions early in pregnancy to bans on abortions later in pregnancy – make plain the goal: to make abortion completely unavailable in Montana.

Here’s what’s at stake:

HB 136 would ban abortions at 20 weeks, regardless of the health of the woman or fetus, and criminalize the providers caring for their patients in often tragic circumstances. It would also potentially endanger women by letting courts decide whether or not to keep their names private during the resulting legal proceedings.

HB 171 is an unconstitutional medication abortion ban (MAB) that severely infringes on patient privacy and does nothing to advance patient safety. This bill would create unnecessary barriers to health care, especially for Montanans living in rural areas.

HB 140 is government intrusion and a shameful attempt to dissuade Montanans from exercising their constitutional right to safe, legal abortion. This bill is not about health or safety – like the hundreds of other abortion restrictions that have been enacted across the country since 2010, HB 140 is just another steppingstone in making it more difficult for women to access abortion.

HB 167 is unnecessary as there is already a law on the books requiring health care providers to intervene. Please write or call to remind Senate Judiciary Committee members of this and tell them why you stand for reproductive health care rights and against a costly referendum that will put a family’s suffering on the ballot.

These bills have already passed the House and been heard in Senate Judiciary Committee, next stop is the Senate Floor. Ask your Senator to vote ‘no’ on these bills.

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Protect Abortion Access in Montana
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House Bills 136, 140, 167, and 171 are nothing more than government intrusion into Montanans' private health care decisions. Please vote ‘no’ on these misleading attempts to shame women and stigmatize safe, legal abortion. Politicians are not medical experts, and this is not an area where politicians should be interfering.

Instead of supporting unconstitutional attempts to ban abortion, I am asking that you spend your energy and time on other issues that are important to Montanans. Please vote ‘no’ on HB 136, 140, 167, and 171.


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