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Transgender youth in Mississippi are about to lose access to major gender-affirming health care services.

Our state legislature is trying to pass Anti-Trans Youth legislation.

HB 1125, the so-called "Regulate Experimental Adolescent Procedures" (REAP) Act passed in the Mississippi House of Representatives and is now being taken up in the Senate.

Trans youth are not making these decisions on their own. Parents and guardians are required to consent to gender-affirming care just like any other medical treatment for minors. In addition, this care is supported by evidence-based standards and every major medical association.

We already know that denying medical care and support to transgender youth contributes to depression, social isolation, self-hatred, risk of self-harm and suicidal behavior, and other debilitating experiences. In short: it's life-threatening to be denied the freedom to be yourself.

Legislation like House Bill 1125 is an attempt to punish parents and healthcare providers for supporting Mississippi youth during their most challenging years.

Send a message to Lt. Governor Hosemann urging him to oppose House Bill 1125.

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I am writing to urge you to oppose abusive legislation like HB 1125.

I am counting on you to oppose House Bill 1125, which will prevent Mississippi doctors from providing gender-affirming care to our trans youth.


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