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Last week, the House passed HCR 11; the State Senate will now consider the resolution. The ballot initiative process should empower citizens to propose actions to improve their communities, bypassing legislative bias and providing a direct say in laws that affect their lives. HCR 11 does not do that.

Instead, HCR 11:

  • Creates a ballot initiative process that explicitly bans voters from raising initiatives on abortion access.
  • Blocks initiatives that propose changes to the Mississippi Constitution, including reforms to racist felony disenfranchisement laws.
  • Grants the legislature veto power over any proposal brought by citizens.

Mississippians deserve a true ballot initiative process. We need:

  • A fair process that does not attempt to infringe on the constitutional rights of the people.
  • A process that does not use hot topic issues as a bargaining chip.
  • A process that ensures that the people have a true alternative route to accomplish a better quality of life.

Send a message to legislators urging them to block HCR 11 and fight for a fair ballot initiative process!

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I am writing to urge you to block HCR 11. Mississippians deserve a fair ballot initiative process.

I urge you to fight to truly empower the voice of constituents like myself. HCR 11 is not the ballot initiative process Mississippians deserve.


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