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Mississippi and New Hampshire are the only two states that do not offer online voter registration and no-excuse early voting.

In past elections, eligible voters have too often had difficulties when registering to vote or casting their ballot. In part, these issues have happened because our state's voting laws are out of date and out of line with practices used throughout the country.

Improving Mississippi's voting process does not have to be difficult – legislators have the power to make voting accessible for every Mississippian by passing legislation to support online voter registration.

Send a message to your legislators urging them to Let People Vote and support online voter registration and no-excuse early voting.

This common-sense solution would address the frustrations of many Mississippians by improving access to voting, expanding the electorate, reducing registration errors, and decreasing the number of problems on Election Day to improve the voting process for voters and election administrators alike.

Our voting system should allow every eligible voter a fair chance to vote, including busy working parents, military members, rural residents, frequent movers, and other Mississippians who face similar challenges.

Learn more about our Let People Vote campaign.

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