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After the police murders of George Floyd and Daunte Wright, Minnesota is once again in the spotlight of national conversations about policing and police accountability.

There is no pride in this prominence. We are here because our law enforcement will not stop killing Black Minnesotans – even when the eyes of the world are watching them. Minnesotans are fed up, and we will no longer accept this racist, deadly status quo.

We're calling on our lawmakers to affirm the value and dignity of Black lives, declare that Black people are deserving of safety, and show the world what responsible leadership on policing can look like.

Send a message to your lawmakers today, and demand that they act during this session to:

  • End qualified immunity. Qualified immunity prevents us from holding police accountable, even when their conduct causes serious harm and death. It creates an environment where police may feel empowered to violate people's rights because they face few consequences.
  • Create meaningful civilian review. Our civilian oversight boards should have the power to impose disciplinary sanctions on a police officer or make binding recommendations. Current law is another way we fail to hold police accountable.
  • End drivers' license suspensions. Driver's license suspensions for unpaid fines and fees criminalize poverty, which already disproportionately impacts Black and Brown Minnesotans. They also give police one more excuse to pull someone over and escalate an interaction.

We cannot afford inaction. The price is far too high, and it comes due far too often for Black Minnesotans and their families.

Share your story and demand bold leadership and statewide action now from your lawmakers.

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While the world was watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd, police in neighboring Brooklyn Center killed Daunte Wright, another Black man. Inaction during this legislative session is not an option, because your constituents will no longer tolerate this racist, deadly status quo in policing.

As a constituent, I write to demand that you act this session to end qualified immunity, create meaningful civilian review systems, and end driver's license suspensions for unpaid traffic fines and fees.

We cannot afford to accept inaction. The price is far too high, and it comes due far too often for Black Minnesotans and their families.

The world is watching. Let's show them that Minnesota can lead when it comes to police accountability.


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