Oppose Voter Suppression Bills

Tell your Michigan Senator to protect your right to vote

Michiganders of all races, genders, and zip codes want our state to be a place where everyone has a voice in our elections. Yet some state lawmakers want to put up barriers and silence many of our voices by passing legislation that would make it much harder to vote in Michigan. These bills include voter suppression tactics that would make it harder to cast your vote early by absentee ballot; restrict the use of drop boxes; and create costly barriers to the polls for voters.

You have a constitutional right to safe, accessible, and secure elections. Protect your right to cast your ballot and make your voice heard.

Send a message to your state senator: Tell them to oppose these voter suppression bills.

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Protect Our Vote
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Dear Senator,

I urge you to protect my right to vote: Oppose voter suppression efforts that would make it harder for me to register to vote and cast my ballot.

I oppose these voter suppression efforts and ask you to do the same. Please protect the constitutional right and freedom to vote in Michigan.


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