Fight With Aimee Stephens To End LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination

Aimee Stephens is heading to the U.S. Supreme Court. Show her your support.

Aimee says that as early as age five, she knew she was a girl. As she started to work through therapy to come out as a woman, there was one place where she had yet to be her true self: work.

Originally, Aimee intended to become a Baptist pastor. But while in college she began working in a funeral home because she could comfort people in their most vulnerable moments.

In 2013, when Aimee Stephens told her boss that she is a transgender woman, she was fired.

In October, the United States Supreme Court will consider whether it is sex discrimination under federal civil rights statutes to fire someone because the person is transgender.

Aimee is fighting to end LGBTQ discrimination. Show her your support.

"As the Supreme Court hears your case, I want you to know you're not in this fight alone."
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