Prince George's County Must Give Police Accountability Board Full Independent Investigatory and Subpoena Powers

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As reported by the 2021 Graham Report, the Prince George’s County Police Department has failed to respond adequately to complaints of racial harassment, discrimination, and misuse of force. We need to fix this.

The local Police Accountability Board (PAB) must have the power and authority necessary to fulfill its purpose. The PAB needs to effectively and actively oversee the police department’s disciplinary process to increase transparency and accountability to the community it serves.

Urge your Councilmember to pass CB-81-2023 so our Prince George's Police Accountability Board can do its job.

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Dear County Councilmember,

My community demands transparency and accountability. We are calling for our Police Accountability Board (PAB) to be allowed to independently investigate police misconduct complaints. This would help our PAB effectively provide oversight of the police disciplinary process and ensure conflicts of interests are eliminated, when investigating fellow officers and supervisors. This external review process eliminates bias and helps the community trust the results of investigations.

Please pass CB-81-2023 in Prince George’s County to give full independent investigatory and subpoena powers to the Prince George’s Police Accountability Board.


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