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Prince George's County has a documented history of police excessive force and racial profiling. That is why the County Council must pass a strong Police Accountability Board – county residents deserve better.

Between 2016 and 2019, there were more than 6,800 use of force cases, of which 94 percent involved use of force against Black or Brown residents. The department’s internal review process decided that of all these 6,800 uses of force, 99.8 percent were “justified.” There is no justice without accountability.

Tell the Prince George's County Council and County Executive to fulfill the strong Police Accountability Board that residents deserve now.

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Dear Prince George's County Council and County Executive,

The voices of your constituents must not be ignored. As a Prince George’s County resident, I urge you to listen to residents and implement a strong Police Accountability Board. The PAB must ensure real police transparency and accountability in our county.

As mandated by the passage of the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021, Prince George’s County must create their own PAB in order to strengthen local police oversight. We must utilize this moment to codify strong civilian oversight measures, not just meet the bare minimum requirements.

If the safety of all residents is a true priority, these additions must be implemented into the PAB:

-Members of the Board and Committee must reflect the racial, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, and cultural diversity of the County.
-Include members with a range of professional or lived experiences in areas including, but not limited to, mental health disabilities, substance use disorders, immigration, criminal justice, re-entering citizens, and living below the poverty guideline for the County.
-The PAB must have subpoena powers and paid investigators to effectively review complaints of police misconduct filed by members of the public
-The PAB must have a sufficient budget to operate and do their job effectively. The proposed budget will include staff costs, independent legal counsel and compensation for PAB and ACC members.

I urge the Prince George's County Council to listen to the concerns of county residents and implement a strong Police Accountability Board now.


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