Pass Baltimore’s HOME Act


The Baltimore City Council is considering a bill that would promote fair and equitable housing by ending "source of income" discrimination against renters.

Urge your City Council members to vote in support of Baltimore’s HOME Act. Its time.

Please take action now.

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I strongly support Council Bill #18-0308, Housing Discrimination – Source of Income. Baltimore should lead the way in ending discriminatory policies that created a segregated city. We must start to undo that legacy.

This bill would promote fair and equitable housing in Baltimore by ending “source of income” discrimination against renters. It is important to me because it would increase housing and economic opportunities for working families, seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans.

I am concerned that discrimination against families with housing vouchers has led to whole sections of the city being virtually off-limits to them. All Baltimore families deserve access to quality rental housing throughout the city.

Please vote YES on Council Bill #18-0308. It's time.


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