Oppose Bill to Increase Mass Incarceration in Maryland


Right now, your state delegates are considering a backward “tough on crime" bill, Senate Bill 122.

Across the state, we have been making progress when it comes to criminal justice reform. Marylanders do not want to return to ineffective "tough on crime" policies. They bloat our prisons, largely with Black and Brown people and waste precious taxpayer dollars. They do not make us safer.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Maryland Delegates to oppose Senate Bill 122.

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Oppose 122. Let's be smarter, not tougher on crime.
Dear Delegate,

I ask that you oppose Senate bill 122, which would move Maryland backwards towards mass incarceration.

The bill would increase prison sentences for a swath of crimes that already have harsh penalties under current law. Historically, backward proposals like this have disproportionately been used against persons of color. They destroy families and communities and are fundamentally unfair.

I ask that you do all you can to stop SB 122 from passing.


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