Make the Maryland Parole Commission the Final Decision Maker for Medical Cases

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Marylanders worked too hard to get the politics out of parole for the law not to be fully honored due to a bill-drafting error. Because of this oversight, the Governor still needs to approve medical parole cases. These are cases when someone is terminally ill or so incapacitated that they pose no risk to anyone. The drafting oversight created an illogical scenario where the people who need expedited consideration the most, have delayed and politicized cases instead.

The Parole Commission needs to be the final decision maker for the parole process in all cases. Tell the Maryland General Assembly to vote “Yes” on HB 47/SB 33.

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As your constituent, please vote “Yes” on HB 47/SB 33. I am proud to say as a Maryland resident, two years ago, the General Assembly voted to remove the Governor from the parole process for people serving life sentences. We agreed that the parole process shouldn’t be politicized. Unfortunately, due to a drafting error, medical parole was mistakenly excluded from the law. I want to ensure that the Maryland Parole Commission has the final say on who gets parole in all cases.

Now, medical parole is the only type of parole that requires a governor’s approval, rather than the Maryland Parole Commission being the final decision maker. This adds a long delay in the cases where the Parole Commission’s ability to act expeditiously is most critical – when the parole candidate is seriously ill or dying. In 2021 and 2022, five people recommended for medical parole died waiting for the Governor to Act.

A terminal illness should not bar someone from fair and expeditious consideration. If a person with a life sentence is seriously ill or close to death, their case needs to be evaluated by the Parole Commission and acted on promptly.

As a Maryland resident, I ask that you vote “Yes” on HB 47/SB 33 to fully remove the role of the governor from the parole process and make the Maryland Parole Commissioner the final decision maker on medical cases.


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