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You may have noticed for the past 30 years that the courts have been slowly chipping away at our protections under the federal Voting Rights Act. Even though our state has a reputation for its progressive policies, we have troubling history when it comes to race and the right to vote. In fact, we still have discriminatory practices and systems in force to this day. Unfair gerrymandering and the suppression of the vote through intimidation are just a few examples of the legacy of our State’s racist history that we still live with today.

Let’s fix this by enacting our own fully effective Maryland Voting Rights Act. By doing so, we will protect Black, Indigenous, and Voters of Color in our state, regardless of what direction the Supreme Court pushes the federal law.

Tell members of the House Judiciary and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee to vote “Yes” on SB 878/HB 1104.

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Dear Committee Member,

Maryland has always led the nation in protecting the right to vote. We’ve made significant strides to improve access to voting. However, not every Marylander has equal voting rights. Our Black, Indigenous, disabled, non-English speaking communities and Communities of Color still endure many voting rights abuses and discriminatory structures.

Unfortunately, judicial decisions over the last three decades have chipped away at protections under the federal Voting Rights Act. As a Marylander who cares for equal voting rights for all communities in Maryland, I implore you to help Maryland continue leading the nation in protecting our democracy, and pass SB 878/HB 1104 the Maryland Voting Rights Act.

Confront barriers to voting head on and root out longstanding discriminatory practices by creating strong state law protections against vote dilution and a civil right of action against voter intimidation and protections for non-English-speaking voters. This Act will also give local governments the ability to avoid costly litigation when they make changes to election structures and rules by engaging in a consultation process with the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, as well as by encouraging a streamlined and low-cost approach to addressing complaints of voting discrimination.

Please fix Maryland’s unfair election systems and vote “Yes” on SB 878/HB 1104.


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