Maryland Legislators Must Pass the Maryland Voting Rights Act

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Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are currently the majority in Maryland since the 2020 Census. We are the most diverse state on the East Coast. It is time that we protect our BIPOC voters from discriminatory election systems that prevent BIPOC representatives from being elected to office.

Voter registration and turnout disparities by race persist still. Many Maryland jurisdictions use at-large elections that can empower a white majority to capture most or all seats, even in places where there is a large BIPOC population. Jurisdictions across our state face federal lawsuits for racially discriminatory redistricting plans.

We need a strong state Voting Rights Act to withstand the federal attacks on our federal Voting Rights Act in the Supreme Court. We have passed progressive voting rights laws in the past. Let us continue to set the example for our nation.

Build an even stronger, state-based Voting Rights Act with us by urging your legislators to vote "YES" on SB 660/HB 800.

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Maryland Needs Its Own Voting Rights Act
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Vote "YES" on SB 660/HB 800 to pass the Maryland Voting Rights Act.
Dear Maryland legislator,

Our state is the most diverse state on the East Coast. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have become the majority since the 2020 Census. Maryland leaders, past and present, have made significant strides to improve access to voting and build a more open and accessible democracy for all.

Today, we can join the growing number of states enacting state voting rights acts and become a national leader on voting rights. Even Maryland has counties, towns, and cities using election systems that dilute the voting strength of BIPOC voters, making their votes count less than their white neighbors. For example, at-large systems can empower a white majority to capture most or all seats if they hold a bare majority of the population. This shuts out any BIPOC preferred candidates from winning and exist in __ percent of Maryland’s towns and cities. Some places also have discriminatory re-districting plans that disenfranchise BIPOC voters. The Maryland Voting Rights Act would address these problems and ensure everyone’s vote counts equally.

As your constituent, I ask that you vote in favor of protecting our right to vote. Black, Latinx/e, and Asian American voters, and Marylanders with disabilities, should be able to fully participate in our democratic system, with strong access, free from discrimination. The Maryland General Assembly has consistently adopted some of the most progressive voting laws in the nation. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Join us to protect voting rights in Maryland. Vote "YES" on SB 660/HB 800 to pass a Maryland Voting Rights Act.


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