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The 287(g) program is when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) enter into agreements with state or local law enforcement to deputize police as federal immigration agents in order to use local resources in doing ICE’s work. Local law enforcement is allowed to racially profile “immigrant-looking” people that can sacrifice the trust of the immigrant community.

Sheriff Jenkins of Frederick County has had the program for 10 years. This year, Sheriff Jenkins decided to cancel the annual 287(g) steering committee meeting which was the community’s opportunity to testify in support or against the program. He cited the opposition to the program as the reason for canceling.

Even though he canceled the meeting, Sheriff Jenkins renewed the 287(g) program with a one-year extension. Elected officials cannot use taxpayer dollars for programs for the programs they want and silence community voices.

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Sheriff Jenkins

Long crowd protesting the 287(g) program down a long main street in Frederick County, MD
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Hold the 287(g) steering committee meeting
Dear Sheriff Jenkins,

Frederick County has had the 287(g) program with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for 10 years. During this time your office has had Steering Committee meetings about the program where the public could voice their opposition or support.

But this year will be different because you decided to cancel this meeting. The public needs this meeting and your decision to cancel needs to be reversed.

I and the community of Frederick County demand that you hold the 287(g) steering committee meeting.


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