Cambridge: Oppose Criminalizing Children – No Curfew Ordinance 1207

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Cambridge City Commissioners are considering implementing an ineffective and dangerous curfew for children. Not only would the proposed curfew increase negative interactions between Cambridge police, children, and their families, policies like these are enforced disproportionately against Black and Brown children.

The proposed curfew flies in the face of basic civil liberties and would put every child in Cambridge under virtual house arrest. It criminalizes children and does not keep them safe. Send a message to the Cambridge City Commissioners and the Mayor and tell them to oppose the child curfew ordinance.

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Cambridge City Commissioners and Mayor

Tell Cambridge Commissioners and Mayor to do the right thing. Don't criminalize children. Oppose curfew ordinance 1207.
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Dear Cambridge Commissioners and Mayor:

As a concerned resident of Cambridge, I am writing to ask that you oppose the proposed ordinance 1207.

The City of Cambridge has expressed concerns for the safety of our youth, but a child curfew isn’t the best way to address this vital issue because of the following reasons:

- A child curfew putting all children under virtual house arrest enforced by police is more likely to criminalize children than keep them safe or out of trouble.

- There are better ways Cambridge can support our children and families than putting all children under virtual house arrest.  Such as the local basketball league, gentleman’s club, and other activities for children recommended by the community.

- This ordinance will increase negative interactions between Cambridge police, children, and their families even when children are not in danger or doing anything wrong,

- This ordinance is likely to be enforced disproportionately against children of color in Cambridge as seen in other municipalities that have implemented similar ordinances.

- This ordinance is being considered without conducting a legally necessary study to see if a curfew would help with actually improving public safety without undermining the broader community’s civil rights.

As a resident of Cambridge, I ask that you do the right thing and oppose ordinance 1207 and any other attempts to implement a child curfew.


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