Baltimore County: Uphold the Voting Rights Act

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The Baltimore County redistricting lines were racially biased and illegal, and now a judge just ruled the County Council's redistricting plan violates the Voting Rights Act.

The Council's recommendation of a single Black super-majority district was a mistake they must rectify now – and you can help.

Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby has ruled that the Baltimore County Council must revise the illegal redistricting map first passed back in December. The Council's plan would have packed an excessively large number of Black voters into a single majority-Black district and divide the political power and opportunities of Black voters throughout Baltimore County.

This was a clear violation of the Voting Rights Act in a County that has a history of keeping BIPOC residents from fully participating in their representative government. Even though Baltimore County officials were surely aware that their redistricting plan violated the Voting Rights Act, they still refused to promote a plan that celebrates and empowers Black, Indigenous, and Residents of Color. Now they must draw a map that is equitable and fair.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Baltimore County Council Members to do the right thing. Don't make the same mistake twice! Uphold the Voting Rights Act and create a Baltimore County redistricting map that serves the entire community.

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Baltimore County Council Members

Tell the Baltimore County Council: Uphold the Voting Rights Act. Take Action.
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Dear Baltimore County Council Member,

I am a Baltimore County resident and urge the County Council to uphold the promises of the Voting Rights Act.

Residents have sent messages to Council Members and testified at hearings opposing the County's illegal redistricting plan on the grounds that it would dilute the votes and diminish the political power of BIPOC residents.

Now, Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby just ruled that the Council plan violates the Voting Rights Act. It's illegal because it packs an excessively large number of Black voters into a single majority-Black district, while splitting other Black communities among surrounding districts. This unlawfully dilutes the voices of Black voters and fails to meet the requirements of the Voting Rights Act.

The County has a disgraceful history of locking Black and Brown people out of representative government. As our representatives, it's your duty to change this and advocate on our behalf.

Thankfully, there are many options to do right by Black voters and to uphold the Voting Rights Act, several of which have been shared with the council by the plaintiffs and community groups. I urge you to take these alternative proposals seriously and pass an equitable redistricting plan.


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