Massachusetts is failing its immigrant communities. Tell lawmakers to do something about it.


The Trump administration is hurting immigrants with impunity—right here in Massachusetts—and our state lawmakers are doing virtually nothing to stop it. The federal government has targeted families, schoolchildren, workers, and students—often with our Commonwealth’s resources and assistance.

This has to stop. We can’t afford to be complicit in the Trump administration’s cruelty. Tell your lawmakers to take action by supporting legislation that would limit state cooperation with ICE and allow immigrant families to live and work safely in Massachusetts.

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As a constituent, I urge you to take action to protect immigrants in Massachusetts, and limit the state’s collaboration with Trump’s unlawful deportation machine.

Massachusetts lacks even the most basic protections against wanton and cruel enforcement of immigration laws. Schools share information with ICE on minor offenses, resulting in the deportation of children to dangerous countries they have never known. Employers retaliate against workers seeking rightful compensation, and ICE deports them with the help of the police. ICE prowls courthouses, snatching people attending legal hearings and obstructing the justice system. ICE deputizes our corrections officers as federal immigration agents, something that happens in only three other states. CBP deports students with valid visas, threatening our state’s status as a center of higher education.

Today, the Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the Safe Communities Act (H.3573/S.1401), which would establish baseline protections for immigrant families by limiting the state’s cooperation with ICE. I urge you to support this bill. Our Commonwealth must do something—anything—to stand up to the Trump administration’s cruelty.

Please support the Safe Communities Act, but more importantly, please do everything you can to protect immigrants.


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