Make NY a Beacon for Abortion and Pregnancy-Related Health Care

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With the passage of SB8 in Texas banning abortion after 6 weeks and other states across the nation preparing to follow suit, New York should be a haven for all people seeking abortion care. Yet too often it is pushed out of reach because of inadequate funding and support – both for people who need care and those who provide it.

By removing abortion from the state criminal code, the 2019 Reproductive Health Act was a critical first step. Now we must do more to advance access to care.

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Make NY a beacon for abortion and reproductive health care
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With abortion access banned after 6 weeks in Texas, other states lining up to pass copycat bills, and a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court, it is critical that New York take a stand now to protect and expand access to abortion and pregnancy-related care in our state.

The passage of the Reproductive Health Act played a critical role in bringing New York’s abortion law into the 21st Century, but major barriers to care remain. With Roe v. Wade in danger, you must act urgently to ensure that New York can be a haven for those seeking pregnancy-related health care:

The time is now for New York to take action in the face of national threats to reproductive health care. You should support these initiatives to remove barriers to care and make our state a haven for all who seek abortion and pregnancy-related care.


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