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The Trump administration is hell-bent on causing as much suffering as possible for immigrant families. The fight against his anti-immigrant policies goes beyond the courts: Beacon Hill has to act now.

In the Trump era, immigrant families risk being torn apart every time they drive. But Massachusetts has the opportunity to pass a bill that would enable all qualified state residents to apply for a standard driver’s license, regardless of immigrant status. All families in Massachusetts should be able to get to work, bring children to school, and make it to medical appointments.

Email your legislators, and urge them to support the Work and Family Mobility Act.

Together, we can make sure immigrant families are always safe and free in Massachusetts.

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As your constituent, I urge you to protect immigrants across our state and increase public safety for all by supporting An Act Relative to Work and Family Mobility (H.3012 & S.2061).

All Massachusetts families would benefit from this bill. Tested and insured drivers make the roads safer for everyone, and studies show that driver’s licenses increase public safety more broadly. Moreover, by making driver’s licenses available to all, regardless of immigration status, we can reduce the devastating impact of Trump’s deportation agenda on Massachusetts families.

Massachusetts should join other states — including our neighbors in Vermont and Connecticut — that already allow residents the right to apply for driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status.

Please urge the Joint Committee on Transportation to advance the Work and Family Mobility Act.


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