Tell state lawmakers: support remote access and regulate face surveillance

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With the beginning of a new legislative session and a brand-new governor, we have a tremendous opportunity to advance civil rights and civil liberties in Massachusetts.

To kick off our legislative agenda, we’re urging lawmakers to bring two major bills from last session across the finish line: Remote access for public meetings, and face surveillance regulations. Technology should be used to advance liberty and democracy, not curtail it with pervasive surveillance.

Urge your state lawmakers to support remote access and pass face surveillance regulations!

Please take a moment to personalize the message. Your voice and your reasons for supporting civil liberties matter!

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Thank you for representing me on Beacon Hill! As your constituent, I want to ask for your support and co-sponsorship at the start of the session on two bills that are important to me. I'm a firm believer that technology can be used to strengthen our democracy, and it should not expand dragnet surveillance.

Thank you for the critical work you are doing at the beginning of this historic session. I hope you will co-sponsor these bills and urge your colleagues to pass this important legislation without delay.


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