Support Paid Family & Medical Leave in 2018!


Today more women work full time than ever before, yet women continue to disproportionately bear the burden of caring for sick family members.

Without paid leave, employees are forced to risk job loss or financial ruin in order to care for their loved ones – a newborn baby, an aging parent or a sick spouse.

Paid Family and Medical Leave bills (H.2172 & S.1048) would guarantee job-protected paid leave, eliminating that cruel choice.

No worker should have to choose between their job and the health of their family. As we work to advance women's rights, paid family and medical leave is the next critical step to creating a stronger, healthier, more equitable Massachusetts.

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I urge you to stand up for fair treatment of working people throughout the Commonwealth by supporting Paid Family and Medical Leave (H.2172/S.1048).

I urge you to actively support this legislation and ask leadership to move it to the floor for a vote this session.


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