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In Massachusetts and around the country, tech companies are pushing dangerous face surveillance products on schools, with no government oversight. We need your help to pass a bill that would ban this flawed, racially biased technology in our schools, among other strong regulations.

Students need support, not surveillance. Facial recognition undermines their core civil liberties, erodes trust, and threatens to accelerate the school-to-prison pipeline that already criminalizes and endangers so many young people of color. We can’t allow it to get a foothold in our schools.

Tell lawmakers to pass strong regulations on government use of face surveillance!

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As your constituent, I urge you to support “An Act to regulate face surveillance” (H.135, filed by Reps. Dave Rogers and Orlando Ramos; S.47, filed by Sen. Cynthia Creem).

Among other measures, this bill would ensure that face surveillance technology is never used by law enforcement to track or monitor people in Massachusetts schools, parks, and other public places.

The ban on face surveillance in public schools is just one of the many critical regulations proposed in this bill. I urge you to throw your full support behind it.


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