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Anti-abortion activists in Massachusetts, emboldened by President Trump’s vicious lies, are ratcheting up their dangerous rhetoric. They’re trying to stop your state legislators from passing the ROE Act and protecting access to reproductive health care.

We need to counter their lies and set the record straight.

Send a message to your state lawmakers now: We support ROE, and we’ve got your back.

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I support ROE.

As your constituent, I’m writing to set the record straight: abortion is health care, plain and simple. When people are unable to access the care they need, the consequences can be life-altering and tragic.

Our abortion laws were written more than forty years ago for the express purpose of setting up barriers. In 2019, we need Massachusetts to pass the ROE Act (H.3320/S.1209) to improve access to safe, legal, and essential health care.

The ROE Act is about removing old, misguided, dangerous legal obstacles that interfere with abortion access. It’s about making sure that necessary health care is not just available to the wealthy and privileged.

Anti-abortion activists, emboldened by President Trump’s outrageous lies, are ratcheting up their dangerous rhetoric. But I want to remind you that Massachusetts has long been a leader in health care, medical science, and equality. Our laws should reflect Massachusetts values.

Our laws should support and prioritize a woman’s health, not single it out for differential and inequitable treatment. We have an obligation to ensure that a woman can make personal health care decisions without the state dictating when, how, or why.

Please support the ROE Act. This is a critically important issue to me and my family.


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