Protect And Expand Reproductive Health Care In Massachusetts


Anti-choice activists across the country are restricting access to reproductive care. Even in Massachusetts, patients seeking safe, legal abortion are forced to travel out of state. Parents, providers, and advocates agree: Nobody should be forced to cross state lines for care.

With the right to safe and legal abortion at risk nationwide, it is important to do all we can here in Massachusetts to expand and protect access to abortion. Lawmakers are about to go on winter recess. This is our last chance of the year to tell the legislature: Massachusetts must pass the ROE Act.

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I'm a constituent and I support the ROE Act.

Across the country, access to abortion is at risk. Some states are trying to outright ban abortions. Others are quietly pushing abortion out of reach by passing restriction on top of restriction.

When the legislature returns in January, Massachusetts has the opportunity to do something different: We can lead the way on reproductive freedom.

Against the backdrop of a concerted, national effort to unravel access to abortion, the ROE Act will advance Massachusetts values instead — improving access to safe, legal abortion by removing barriers that delay or deny care. The bill ensures that anyone in Massachusetts, regardless of age, income, or personal circumstance, can access the reproductive health care they need.

Last session, this legislature expanded access to affordable birth control, repealed unconstitutional anti-abortion laws, and safeguarded patient privacy. I am so proud of that track record, and I thank you for your leadership on reproductive freedom.

Please continue that legacy, and swiftly pass the ROE Act as soon as possible when formal sessions resume in the new year.


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