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With the Trump administration leading a ruthless, unprecedented attack on vulnerable communities across the nation, lawmakers on Beacon Hill need to make a stand. It’s time to protect immigrants in Massachusetts from federal cruelty.

Tell your lawmakers to take action by supporting legislation that would limit state cooperation with ICE and allow immigrant families to live and work safely in Massachusetts.

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As a constituent, I urge you to take action to keep families together in Massachusetts despite the federal government’s cruel immigration policies.

Two critical bills would make Massachusetts a safer, more welcoming place for all: The Safe Communities Act (S.1401/H.3573), pending before the Public Safety Committee; and the Work and Family Mobility Act (H.3012/S.2061), which was favorably reported to Senate Ways & Means.

Massachusetts prides itself on the vibrancy of its immigrant communities, but we lag far behind the rest of the nation when it comes to protecting these communities. For example, we are one of only three states in the country (together with Arizona and Georgia) with a statewide contract that allows ICE — under its 287(g) program — to deputize our corrections officers. The Safe Communities Act would end such contracts.

Likewise, the Work and Family Mobility Act would bring our laws up to date with Connecticut, Vermont, and 12 other states by allowing qualified drivers to get licenses regardless of immigration status. Everyone deserves the ability to feed themselves and their family, and we all deserve safe roads with licensed and insured drivers. This bill will allow immigrants to live and contribute to our state’s economy without fear of intrusion by cruel and capricious federal agencies.

Please support the Safe Communities Act and the Work and Family Mobility Act. It’s critical for the legislature to enact these bills or similar reforms this session.


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