Expand abortion access in Massachusetts


This year, eight states have passed anti-abortion laws aimed at criminalizing a person’s right to reproductive healthcare.

We need to send a message to our legislators on Beacon Hill: No matter what happens in Washington, all people should have access to safe legal abortion in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts law does not yet fully safeguard reproductive freedom for all. Existing legal barriers interfere with abortion access for the most vulnerable, and that’s unacceptable. In the Commonwealth, we have a responsibility to move reproductive freedom forward by passing the ROE Act.

Take action now to protect and expand access to abortion in Massachusetts.


  • Massachusetts State Senators
  • Massachusetts State Representatives
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From Ohio to Alabama, the right to an abortion is under attack. And in Massachusetts, for many the right to an abortion is not adequately protected.

It’s time to set the record straight: abortion is health care, and health care is a human right. Existing legal barriers to health care in the Commonwealth are dangerous and wrong.

Our laws in Massachusetts are NOT working for everyone. They single out a woman’s reproductive health for differential and inequitable treatment, delaying or denying care to the most vulnerable among us.

It’s about me, my family, and the people I love.


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