Protect and expand reproductive health care in Massachusetts


Anti-choice activists across the country are restricting access to reproductive care. Even in Massachusetts, patients seeking safe, legal abortion are forced to travel out of state. Parents, providers, and advocates agree: Nobody should be forced to cross state lines for care.

With the right to safe and legal abortion at risk nationwide, it is important to do all we can here in Massachusetts to expand and protect access to abortion.

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I’m a constituent and I support the ROE Act.

Massachusetts has often led on personal freedom, equal rights, and health care. Most recently, the legislature expanded access to affordable birth control, repealed unconstitutional anti-abortion laws, and safeguarded patient privacy. I am so proud of that track record, and I thank you for your leadership on reproductive freedom.

When Roe v. Wade was decided in the 1970s, Massachusetts lawmakers at the time did not trust women to make decisions about their own bodies—and they passed a law to expressly limit abortion access. Forty-five years later, we need to fix our laws to reflect the belief that the decision of whether and when to have children should be made by a woman in consultation with her doctor—and without political interference.

Abortion is health care. It should not be singled out from all other health care for unwarranted restrictions.

People may have differing views of what’s best for them and their families—but that’s the point. It is a personal choice, a medical decision—one best left to a woman and her medical provider, and without political interference.


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