Press Pause on Face Surveillance: Tell Your Legislators It's Time for a Moratorium in Massachusetts


They've seen the polling, they’ve read the research, and now, Massachusetts lawmakers have heard from a chorus of experts, advocates, community leaders, and constituents at a public hearing. The message is clear: we need to press pause on government use of face surveillance.

But despite the extraordinary progress we’ve made – with local action in Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline, and Springfield – our lawmakers on Beacon Hill haven’t committed to take action to protect our rights in the digital age. Now that we've had a public hearing, make sure your state lawmakers get the message: when it comes to our privacy, we won't be silent.

Urge your legislators to support a statewide moratorium on face surveillance.

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Pause Face Surveillance
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As your constituent, I’m asking you to support S.1385/H.1538 to establish a moratorium on government use of face surveillance and other remote biometric tracking technologies in Massachusetts.

On October 22, the Joint Committee on the Judiciary held a public hearing at which scores of people – experts, advocates, community members, law enforcement officials, business leaders, and concerned voters – voiced their support for a statewide moratorium on face surveillance technology. Their collective message could not have been clearer: we must press pause on government use of this experimental, unregulated technology.

79 percent of Massachusetts voters support a moratorium on this dangerous technology, and 91 percent don’t want the government to use it unless it's regulated. I hope you agree with us that this is an urgent issue that requires your immediate attention. For the sake of our privacy and our civil rights, please support this moratorium and press for its passage this session.


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