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An Act to Ensure Legal Parentage Equality (H.1713/S.947), known as the Massachusetts Parentage Act or MPA, updates Massachusetts statutes to clarify who can be a parent and how to establish parentage. This bill is critical to ensuring that all children can access the security of legal parentage, regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

Key Highlights of the MPA:

  • Ensures that children born through assisted reproduction technology (such as in vitro fertilization) have a clear route to establish their parentage.
  • Provides clear standards for establishing parentage through surrogacy.
  • Ensures equality for LGBTQ families so they can establish their parentage like other families, including through a voluntary acknowledgement of parentage.
  • Provides a clear standard for courts to resolve competing claims of parentage.
  • Codifies parentage precedents from the Supreme Judicial Court.
  • Ensures greater efficiency and consistency in our courts and reduces unnecessary litigation.

Email your state lawmakers today and ask them to pass the Massachusetts Parentage Act this session! Please take a moment to personalize the message. Your voice and your reasons for supporting this campaign matter!

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Every child deserves the security of having their family protected under the law. As your constituent, I urge you to please pass the Massachusetts Parentage Act (H.1713/S.947) as soon as possible.

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