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During the pandemic, we saw an explosion of interest in local government, due in part to the introduction of remote access to public meetings. For many people in Massachusetts, this new tool removed longstanding barriers to access that kept them from engaging fully with their elected officials.

Now that in-person meetings are returning, we need to make remote participation a permanent option. We’re asking state lawmakers to pass a bill that would make hybrid public meetings permanent and give cities and towns the help they need to do so.

Urge your state lawmakers to make hybrid public meetings permanent!

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As your constituent, I’m asking you to support a bill that would update the Open Meeting Law to guarantee hybrid meetings so that all people can attend and participate. Leaving it up to each body to decide how much access to provide for the public will inevitably leave people out.

Filed by Rep. Garlick and Sen. Lewis, “An Act to Modernize Participation in Public Meetings” (H.3040 | S.2024) would improve equitable access to open meetings by guaranteeing that members of the public can participate in person OR remotely. The bill would also establish a trust fund to help municipalities finance this goal.

I hope you will co-sponsor the bill and urge your colleagues to pass it without delay.


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