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In 2020, Massachusetts lawmakers passed strong face surveillance legislation, but Governor Baker blocked commonsense limits on the technology. The compromise law he signed does not address the dangers that face surveillance poses to our privacy and basic freedoms.

After more than a year of study and deliberation, a special legislative commission concluded that Massachusetts needs tighter regulation on face surveillance technology in order to protect Bay Staters' civil liberties. The ACLU of Massachusetts is proud to support these recommendations. Now, we're calling on State Senators to pass legislation this session to implement the commission's recommendations.

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The Judiciary Committee recently advanced legislation to implement the recommendations of the Special Commission on Facial Recognition Technology, and the same language has been adopted in the House’s Judiciary IT Bond bill. Please adopt these reforms and send them to the Governor's desk.

Massachusetts needs a stronger law to ensure this never happens here. Please pass legislation quickly to implement the Commission's recommendations and further protect Bay Staters.


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