Pass a Face Surveillance Moratorium in the Commonwealth


Picture a world where the government can identify and track you in real time — whether you’re attending a protest, going to a place of worship, or visiting your medical provider — all without your consent. This isn’t science fiction… with face surveillance technology, it’s around the corner.

In Massachusetts, we are fighting back — and winning! — against secret government use of face surveillance.

Somerville made history as the first East Coast city to ban municipal government use of dystopian face surveillance technology.

It’s time for Massachusetts to lead the nation and press pause on face surveillance statewide.

Urge your legislator to support a statewide moratorium on face surveillance.

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  • Massachusetts State Senators
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As your constituent, I’m asking you to please support S.1385/H.1538 to establish a moratorium on government use of face surveillance and other remote biometric tracking technologies in Massachusetts.

Left unregulated, remote biometric surveillance technologies enable government agencies to identify and track ordinary people wherever we go. I do not want this dangerous technology to be used like this in my community.

It was recently revealed that over the course of two years, a startup called “Suspect Technologies” was aggressively pressuring the Plymouth Police Department to buy their face surveillance technology — entirely behind closed doors. They wanted to test their creepy product on people going in and out of municipal buildings like schools. That’s right: face surveillance technology companies are targeting local governments and ordinary Massachusetts residents for their own profit.

Face surveillance technology is outpacing the law. I urge you to support this critical bill, to make sure we don’t leave our rights behind.


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