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Every eligible voter deserves a chance to cast their ballot.

Currently, voters across the Commonwealth must register 20 days before all primaries and general elections. This arbitrary voter cutoff disenfranchises thousands of eligible Massachusetts voters every election year – 2/3 of whom simply needed to make an update to their existing registration. Election Day Registration would simplify and modernize the voting process by allowing eligible voters to register or update their registration on the same day that they cast their ballot.

Twenty states have already adopted Election Day Registration. It’s time for Massachusetts to join them so that all qualified Bay State residents can participate in our democracy. Urge your lawmakers to support Election Day Registration today.

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Every year, because of our state’s arbitrary voter registration deadline and outdated voting processes, thousands of eligible Massachusetts voters are prevented from casting their ballot. We can’t wait any longer to pass Election Day Registration (EDR) in Massachusetts.

Twenty states and Washington D.C. have successfully adopted EDR policies. It’s time for Massachusetts to join them.

Please support Election Day Registration and advocate with your colleagues to make it a priority this session. Our democracy is stronger when more people are able to participate.


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