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On Wednesday, the Massachusetts House and Senate overwhelmingly passed the most comprehensive criminal justice bill in our state in decades! But there's one more critical step – we need Governor Baker to sign the bill.

We have the chance to create a legal system that works for all of us and favors justice for all, but we need your advocacy to take us over the finish line.

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I urge you to sign the criminal justice reform bill (S.2371) today.

The House and Senate have both passed this vital legislation with overwhelming, bipartisan majorities. Follow their example and stand up for justice by signing the bill into law – and not weaken it with amendments

Massachusetts has a long way to go in order to eliminate our state’s gross racial disparities and end over-incarceration, but this legislation is a critical start.

By signing these reforms into law, you have an opportunity to transform Massachusetts for the better and set a national example. You can create a system that works for all of us, not just the well-connected or wealthy. I urge you to sign a clean criminal justice bill today.

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