Tell Cambridge City Council To Vote "Yes" on Surveillance Reform


Law enforcement agencies across the country make decisions about surveillance in secret, without input from the public or democratic oversight—endangering civil rights and civil liberties for all, but especially for people of color, Muslims, immigrants, and dissidents.

Join us in telling the Cambridge City Council that decisions about surveillance must be made in public by elected officials, informed by their constituents’ input.

Please email the City Council to urge them to vote “yes” on surveillance oversight reform.

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Donna Lopez, City Clerk
City Council

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I am a Cambridge resident, and I write in strong support of the surveillance oversight ordinance currently before the City Council. I want Cambridge to join cities like Seattle and Oakland, which have passed strong surveillance laws requiring transparency, accountability, and oversight of city surveillance technologies.

When this ordinance passes, Cambridge will become the first city on the east coast to pass surveillance oversight reform. In the interests of racial justice, immigrants’ rights, freedom of speech, and privacy, I ask that you please vote “yes” to make history in Cambridge.


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