Last chance for immigrant protections


Massachusetts is nearly two weeks late in passing our state budget legislation. One reason: House and Senate leaders are still grappling with whether to include basic protections for immigrant residents and their families.

We must not contribute to the cruelty of the federal immigration agenda. In the Commonwealth, we need to take a stand.

Demand that our state legislature pass protections for immigrants.

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I know the budget is late. Let’s get this done. Please urge legislative leadership to ‘get to yes’ and pass simple safeguards for Massachusetts immigrant residents and their families.

And when we fail to tell Massachusetts residents about their rights in the face of possible deportation, or we continue to mix up local policing and immigration enforcement, it’s on us.

At the very least, we should be able to guarantee basic due process protections, ensure that crime victims can contact police without fear of deportation, and make all our communities safer as a result.

Please take an active role in ensuring that these simple protections are included in the final budget legislation.


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