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No legislation will bring back Breonna Taylor. She should still be alive today.

Senate Bill 4 bans no-knock warrants except in exigent circumstances and requires the presence of emergency medical services when serving such warrants. This law is an excellent first step in reimagining the role of police in community safety, though it in no way provides justice for Breonna or the degree of change the community needs. This is a win, but the fight is not over.

The majority of no-knock warrants are served in search of drugs. These deadly raids are a staple of the failed war on drugs and put civilians and law enforcement in harm's way. As Commonwealth Attorney Tom Wine said, no amount of drugs or drug money is worth a human life.

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Breonna Taylor should still be alive today. Thank you for taking steps to improve safety for all of Kentucky, residents and law enforcement alike.

Thank you for supporting safe and responsible policing in Kentucky.

I hope you, your family, and your staff are healthy, safe, and well.


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