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Kentucky's outdated felony theft threshold ballooned the state's prison populations, fell far behind surrounding states, and forced many people to carry the burden of overly harsh consequences for years.

The felony theft threshold is the dollar amount of a theft that determines whether a person is charged with a misdemeanor or felony, and at what level. The threshold for a felony conviction was $500 before HB126, far behind surrounding states. The threshold in Texas is $2,500.

House Bill 126 will increase Kentucky's threshold to $1,000. This is a step in the right direction that would get Kentucky's laws more in line with inflation and reduce the number of overly harsh convictions.

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Thank you for supporting House Bill 126 and modernizing Kentucky’s felony theft threshold!

This bill will keep petty crimes from permanently altering Kentuckians’ futures.

I hope you, your family, and your staff are healthy, safe, and well.


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