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Kentucky lawmakers are trying to pass House Bill 5, known as "The Safer Kentucky Act." This bill is an extremely bloated collection of regressive, tough-on-crime policies that have proven ineffective in deterring crime.

Some of the policies in HB 5 include:

  • Reinstating Kentucky's "Three Strikes Law" where the third “strike” triggers a mandatory life sentence
  • Increased penalties for crimes related to substance use disorder
  • Creating more statutes and increasing penalties for crimes
  • Mandatory sentencing
  • Involuntary confinement
  • Criminalizing homelessness

Almost nothing in the "Safer" Kentucky Act will make us any safer. These policies will only further destabilize families and communities, exacerbate Kentucky's mass incarceration crisis, and cost taxpayers millions in the process.

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Almost nothing in the “Safer” Kentucky Act will make Kentuckians any safer.

We cannot arrest our way out of homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Kentuckians need better opportunities and solutions that address the roots of crime, not harsher penalties that do nothing to deter it.


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